Map Quests

These 12 map quests will take you through many different lands.

Rules of the Road

  • Each direction after the start will show you how to progress one step in one of eight directions (four cardinal, four intercardinal).
  • As you're determining your directions, choose the one that best approximates the route. Be sure to follow a map!
  • You're so efficient of a driver that each direction's sense of scale is exactly the same. Everything should be one step.
  • You're also so efficient that you can take the shortest possible straight path between two points. Ignore all terrain or obstacles. Go you!

Start: Beginning from the 1st of 5.
start1. Start at the capital city.
middle2. Travel to the Blue Lagoon.
middle3. Visit the mountain where Gudrun, heroine of the Laxdaela Saga, is buried.
middle4. Travel to the so-called "Golden Falls".

Start: Beginning from the 7th of 8.
start1. Start at the globe south of the California entrance and southeast of the castle hotel.
middle2. Head to THE BEGINNING.
middle3. Head to the roller coaster-dinosaur hybrid not far from the aquarium.
middle4. Head to an EXPRESS train around Fun Town.
middle5. Head to the miniature version of New York.
middle6. Head to the sand dune racing area in an adventurous zone.
middle7. Grab some barbecue at the smokehouse around Castle Hill.

Start: Beginning from the 1st of 8.
start1. Grab a van! Start out in the town where they filmed a desert rendezvous of like-minded wanderers.
middle2. Now head to the San Bernardino National Forest, close to where one might choose to work at an Amazon fulfillment center. Like in the movie!
middle3. Now head to the city of Empire, home to a US Gypsum plant.
middle4. Now drive over to Scottsbluff, where you might help with beet harvesting.
middle5. Finish your journey by heading to the park where you'll take on a job at the Cedar Pass Campground!

Start: Beginning from the 5th of 9.
start1. Make sure you've got your map from the tabletop RPG ready. Anyway, start at Mt. Noton in the Lomar area.
middle2. Now journey to the House of the Worm near Kaar.
middle3. We know they're near the Forbidden Lands, but we don't care! Go to the Labyrinths of the Gnorri.
middle4. Now head to the City-Not-Well-To-Enter.
middle5. Finish your journey by crossing the sea and entering Hlanith, which lies just north of the Enchanted Wood.

Start: Beginning from the 6th of 11.
start1. Begin your journey at the Rio de la Plata.
middle2. Next, head to the Congo!
middle3. Now, head to the meta one labeled Sahara.
middle4. End in the West African Craton. You knew these directions were talking about cratons, right? Hope you weren't looking at any maps 500 million years too late...

Start: Beginning from the 3rd of 5.
start1. Make sure you're using Professor Wogglebug's map here! Begin at where the original quest's protagonist's house unceremoniously fell after a tornado.
middle2. Go to the Magic Waterfall.
middle3. Educate yourself by attending the Royal College of Art and Athletic Perfection.
middle4. Head to the home of Jack Pumpkinhead.
middle5. End your journey by going to the center of the city home to the man behind the curtain.

Start: Beginning from the 1st of 11.
start1. Begin at the northern coast of the home of Tiger Lily, the Chief, and their people.
middle2. Now head to the tree that acts as the protagonist's hideout.
middle3. Now go to the ghastly formation that serves as the antagonist's hideout.
middle4. That was scary! Let's go to the inlet leading into a lagoon full of magical creatures instead.
middle5. Let's conclude by journeying to Tick-Tock's home.

Start: Beginning from the 1st of 8.
start1. Begin at the level to the west of the home where you start your journey in the original quest.
middle2. Let's adventure to the first castle you encounter, which is guarded by someone inspired by Iggy Pop.
middle3. Journey north to the next region's haunted house (but not the secret one, though).
middle4. Head to the fortress just west of the twin bridges.
middle5. Go to the home of a character inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven.
middle6. Go to the haunted house closest to the blue switch palace.
middle7. Go to the large, gaping mouth on the map.

Start: Beginning from the 6th of 10.
start1. As is customary, start at START. And in this version, we START with two kids impossibly holding each other's left hands.
middle2. Go greet the chewy lord by his castle.
middle3. Go greet the princess in her woods.
middle4. Head down to the colorful mountains.
middle5. And now end your quest by going straight into the swamp. Oops.

Start: Beginning from the 1st of 6.
start1. Start with where the original quest ended. Try not to accidentally kill any famous actors in their own home (or you might regret it like one of them regretted Garfield).
middle2. Travel to the city associated with the older of the two sisters.
middle3. Travel to the city associated with the younger of the two sisters.
middle4. Travel to the city associated with the hero's Twinkie-loving companion.
middle5. Travel to the city where the hero's family used to live.

Start: Beginning from the 1st of 4.
start1. Start your journey by dining in the northernmost region in our map.
middle2. Go to an attraction inspired by Neuschwanstein. Try to stay awake!
middle3. Travel to the statue of a man holding hands with his shorter companion, a character of his own creation.
middle4. End by heading to the entrance!

Start: Beginning from the 1st of 5.
start1. Begin at the magic academy, where you'll encounter the Queen of the Full Moon.
middle2. Journey to the royal capital, where you'll encounter the Omen King himself.
middle3. Go to the banner on the map below the Forge of the Giants. You technically can't go there in the game, but you're just that good of a driver.

Once you know where you are and where you're going, you can plan each route here.