Triangular Moves
Within each region, help the Sailor Guardian check the dark king (and sometimes his forces) and find a mate, with help from a queen, knights, unicorns, and other friends.

[Here is a Sheets template that you can make a copy of. Additionally, here is a Jamboard template you can copy.]
Picture of puzzle grid
AScurry off
Cut off
Farm sound
A rocky walk
CConcealed opening
First satellite
DMathematician known for a category of primes
It can be savory or sweet
Someone unsure whether a higher being exists
EAudio communication protocol and file format
Measure of purity
Free software collection or animal
Molecule involved in making proteins
Presidential candidate involved in recount (2 wds.)
FShine brightly
Something to play with
Speech impediment
Top-level domain used by most schools
More embarrassed
GForrest ___
___ cost
Part of a dog breed common in memes
___ space
Central part of a church
Inhabitant of the moon
IType of acid
Building block of organisms
Fuel-saving mode
Site of a World War II siege
JIt rises on a hot day
Bone in the foot
Bro or sis
Annoy or irritate (someone)
KOne may secure a rope
Unite again
Dead end (hyph.)
picture of a Sailor GuardianFiddle (with)
Hot and humid
Narrate a second time
Possible end to a conflict
picture of a Sailor GuardianExcellent
Former actor and president
Loved deeply
Register (2 wds.)
Something you might grab with coworkers
picture of a Sailor GuardianBecame smaller
Someone who obeys
Stared angrily at
Valley with steep sides common in the Pacific Northwest
picture of a Sailor GuardianAlaskan national park
Doomed whaling ship
Expression for addressing more than one person (2 wds.)
Target of bees
picture of a Sailor GuardianA la Picasso
Army of computers
Senior executive who worked at Oracle and Google Cloud
White ___
picture of a Sailor Guardian___ Farm
Jazz big band leader
Patch once more
picture of a Sailor GuardianBestow
Communication devices
Less light
Something to get rid of during fall cleaning
Vessel for the dead
picture of a Sailor GuardianArousing genre of fiction
Book reader
Drag one's feet
Wears (2 wds.)