Solution: Brick's Password


Author: Benji Nguyen

Devs: Ryan Liu, Violet Xiao

Each of these puzzles is a callback to one of the puzzles in the CTO round. Together, their answers give you Brick's password, WORDPASS.

Morose Codes

If you convert TT TTT ETE EEE E TETE TTT ETT TEE E to morse and maintain the groupings, you get the message MORSECOWDE in morse code. The extra letter is W.

Chaos in Neopia

All the answers to the meta have a number 1-4 as a substring. Ordering the answers by their number and then taking the nth letter (the diagonal letters) of each will yield the answer FEED. As in the original puzzle, this is the partial name of a Neopets minigame.


In this case, the missing piece is FLORG.

The answer that you need to backsolve is NETWORK, which you can infer from the fact that you need an answer that contains the number TWO and fits the puzzle title "Sidney Lumet Directed This!?"

As in the original puzzle, the missing piece from the minigame (FLORG) and the missing answer (NETWORK) have two letters in common. Taking the alphabetically former letter first, the two letters you extract from this puzzle are O and R.

Ask A Ninja

Geoff Britten’s nickname on American Ninja Warrior is Popeye. If you watch his 2016 City Finals run, you will see signage for POM WONDERFUL in the background. Ninja Grub is the 7th episode of the Ask a Ninja series so we extract a D.

Map Quests

The home of the King of Rock and Roll is Graceland. The synonym of GRACE found in the grid is POISE. The word PIG from the title of chapter 6 of Alice in Wonderland can also be found in the grid. These two words overlap on the letter P.

All Natural

The secretly clued mineral is APATITE, which overlaps with AVOCADO at the A.

Magic Ear

Correctly transforming the clips into pictures in the original puzzle resulted in pictures representing words or phrases that can follow "Magic" to create a song. In this case, the picture represents "Woman Touch." Locating the word after keep in the lyrics of "Magic Woman Touch" gives you "searching." As in the original puzzle, you take the first letter of this word as your extraction, meaning you get an S.

Refreshment Counter

You can translate the letters into numbers using the mappings in the original puzzle. This will result in a binary string of 10011, which can be translated into the letter S. I will note that this is only true if you believe you can finish the hunt, though.