Solution: Cryptic Images


Authors: Shuxin Zhan, Dan Simon, Melissa Yuan

Artist: Shuxin Zhan

As the title suggests, this puzzle contains cryptics but with images instead of words. Teams must figure out how to place images from the image bank into the cryptics to form clues that contain both a "definition" and a "wordplay" part of a cryptic. An explanation of each cryptic can be found below.

Image Answer Description of "Wordplay" "Wordplay"
cryptic image solution imageMILLRemove the start and end of EMILY + LEMILY + L
cryptic image solution imageBRACKETBR (Brazil) + CAKE anagrammed + TBR + ACKE + T
cryptic image solution imageDARTBOARDRight half of BART + BOAR in DADDA + BART + BOAR + D
cryptic image solution imageSIGMAGIS reversed + MASIG + MA
cryptic image solution imageTOILET PAPERHomophone of TOY + LIT + PAY + PURR🔊 (TOY + LIT + PAY + PURR)
cryptic image solution imageRODRemove the middle of RADIO + D (diameter)RADIO + D
cryptic image solution imageMATTRESSTRES (3 in Spanish) in MATSMAT + TRES + S
cryptic image solution imageLIFESAVERLI (Lithium) + SAFE anagrammed + Right half of SILVERLI + FESA + SILVER
cryptic image solution imageGIANTRight half of YUGI + left half of ANTHEMYUGI + ANTHEM
cryptic image solution imageSNAKEHead of NAIL in SAKES + NAIL + AKE

Once teams have solved the cryptics, they can apply the indices provide to reveal the clue phrase MERGE DEFNS. If you combine the "definition" images and apply the rotations clued in the enumeration, you form another cryptic image. The left side of the final cryptic is the "definition" and the right side is the "wordplay" (Head of SNAKE + Anagram of LETTER). The answer to this cryptic image and the puzzle is SETTLER.

cryptic image extractioncryptic image extraction

Authors’ Notes


It turns out, no one did. Prior to the release of the constraints and answers for the Fan o' Planes meta, Dan and Sushi made a pact that they would take any feeders that had no interested writers. This ended up being one of the lonely feeders that needed to be adopted. They later enlisted the help of Melissa to prototype what a cryptic image could look like.

The idea for the puzzle came to Sushi partly due to how bad she is at word cryptics. Normally during hunts, while her team is busily solving these clues, she is pretending to be helpful, while privately musing at the funny mental images that some of the clues invoked.