Solution: Me, Myself, and I


Author: Max Chang

The title and the flavor text should suggest that the author of this puzzle is pretty full of themselves. Thankfully, you are given that the author’s name is Max. All of these clues solve to an answer with the suffix, MAX. The first letters of all the clues spell NUMBER OF MES IN CLUE. If you count the number of times the substring “me” appears in the clue and index into the clue answer, you get the answer DYNAMIC THICKENING.

ClueAnswerNumber of MEsLetter
Notable rhythm video game seriesDJMAX1D
Universally (nearly) usable Pokemon game mechanicDYNAMAX2Y
Media website that published conspiracy theories following the 2020 electionNEWSMAX1N
Bot programmed with extensive medical and combat knowledgeBAYMAX2A
Extreme post-apocalyptic film seriesMADMAX1M
Relatively common theaters with domed ceilingsIMAX1I
One of the American used car retailersCARMAX1C
Format war loser named after a Greek letter and developed for consumer-level home video recordingsBETAMAX3T
Major streaming platform with tens of millions of customersHBOMAX1H
Established rule in game theory that avoid the worst outcomesMINIMAX2I
Summit or most intense part of somethingCLIMAX1C
Ironclad warship class laid down in 1861 involved in naval engagements with PrussiaKAISER MAX1K
NYSE traded American home selling companyREMAX2E
Canadian utility company that provides services to commercial clients and homeowners in Alberta.ENMAX2N
Long-lived American premium cable network specializing in theatrical releases formed in 1980CINEMAX2I
Usually disappointing comedown or disillusionmentANTICLIMAX2N
East Asian species of legumeGLYCINE MAX1G

Author’s Notes

Yea. So, a friend mentioned to me that my name appears in a lot of words, phrases, and names. I was skeptical so I did a Nutrimatic query and was surprised to find quite a few options. This feeder answer was unclaimed because it is quite long and isn't actually a real phrase. Thanks a lot, meta author. (That's also me.) Most of the test solves of this puzzle involved a comment similar to, “Really Max? Really?” followed by an eye roll and a smirk. I promise I’m not this self-centered. I just like my name.