Solution: Scarlet's Password


Author: Benji Nguyen

Devs: Ryan Liu, Violet Xiao

Each of these puzzles is a callback to one of the puzzles in the CFO round. Together, their answers give you Scarlet’s password, ILOVEMONEY.


This is the grid for the letter I.

Worst Crossword Ever

Much like the clues in the feeder puzzle, the answer to this clue is the last word, LOVE.


"Jinxed Royal Association" clues the Webtoon Cursed Princess Club. The solution to the liars battleship puzzle is below and indicates that we need to look at episode 112. The given panel has the text “Hey Frederick… I know what you did to me…”. The 30th letter of this quote is M.



A po[TEN]tial result when you bat in baseball in which you lose your chance at a ru[N IN E]ach such occurrence.

The difference is ONE (TEN - NINE) and the answer to the clue is OUT. The overlapping letter is an O.

Colorful Boxes

Going back to the feeder puzzle, P = 7 and A = 17. Filling in the question marks with the appropriate sums and applying the clued sequence (divisible by 3), you get the Braille letter N.


Binary Choice

The first step is to determine whether each of the five statements is true for the tarot card Death.

  • Has a position which is divisible by 2, in the list of major arcana tarot cards sorted by number (where The Fool is position 0)
      This is FALSE because Death's position is 13.
  • Is associated with a male confidant in Persona 5
      This is FALSE because the confidant in P5 is Tae Takemi, who is a woman.
  • Names an item that can damage enemies in The Binding of Isaac
      This is TRUE. The Death tarot item deals damage.
  • Is also the name of a type of celestial object
      This is FALSE. Death is not a type of celestial object.
  • Has a one-word name
      This is TRUE.

As in the original puzzle, you must then compare truth values to position, as defined by the first statement in the set. Death's position is 13. When you compare 00101 to 01101, the difference is in the second bit. Death, like the other entities in the original puzzle, has the same number of letters as the number of bits. Take the second letter of DEATH here to get the letter E.

The Believable Untruth

“Mean Sink” anagrams to Maneskin who was the actual winner of Eurovision 2021. Eurovision is a topic in Season 25 of The Unbelievable Truth, so we extract the letter Y.