Binary Choice

It's impossible to satisfy everyone with just one thing.

This Rolling Stone Top 500 song (2021 list):
  • Has a position with all its digits divisible by 3, in the list of Rolling Stone Top 500 songs sorted by rank
  • Has no RIAA certification
  • Has the word "Last" in its title
  • Was written in the '70s
  • Has a single-word title
  • Is part of an album with the same title

This Generation I-VIII Pokémon:
  • Has a position which is a square number, in the list of Pokémon sorted by National Pokédex number
  • Is both Fire-type and Psychic-type
  • Has stripes
  • Reaches speeds of over 15 mph by rotating
  • Weighs less than 10 pounds
  • Evolves starting at level 31
  • Has white claws

This US state:
  • Has a position which is twice a prime number, in the list of US states sorted by admission order
  • Borders the Mississippi River to that state's east
  • Has the northern mockingbird as its state bird
  • Has a peak more than 2 miles high
  • Is in the Central Time Zone
  • Always (in every US census) had its number of representatives increase by 1 or stay the same
  • Has a city with over 300,000 people
  • Has area under 100,000 square miles

This element:
  • Has a position which is divisible by 5, in the list of elements sorted by atomic number
  • Has atomic mass over 200 amu
  • Is named after part of Europe
  • Turns into an element named after a planet with just 1 alpha decay
  • Has a stable isotope
  • Was discovered after 1900
  • Has an element symbol that is a (Scrabble-legal) word
  • Is a metalloid
  • Has heat of fusion over 30 kJ/mol

This UN member state:
  • Has a position which is an octahedral number, in the current (2022) official list of UN member states sorted alphabetically
  • Is in Africa
  • Is a single island
  • Is larger in area than Chile
  • Uses Arabic as its sole official language
  • Is less than 300 miles from another continent's mainland
  • Is partially a desert
  • Borders an ocean, but not a sea
  • Uses green in its flag
  • Is entirely west of 10°W

First bit 0 First bit 1
When you compare the truths you find to others' positions, you'll see they only differ by a bit.