Me, Myself, & I

By Max

It’s all about me.

Notable rhythm video game series (5)
Universally (well, nearly) usable Pokemon game mechanic (7)
Media website that published conspiracy theories following the 2020 election (7)
Bot programmed with extensive medical and combat knowledge (6)
Extreme post-apocalyptic film series (6)
Relatively common theaters with domed ceilings (4)
One of the American used car retailers (6)
Format war loser named after a Greek letter and developed for consumer-level home video recordings (7)
Major streaming platform with tens of millions of customers (6)
Established rule in game theory that avoids the worst outcomes (7)
Summit or most intense part of something (6)
Ironclad warship class laid down in 1861 involved in naval engagements with Prussia (6 3)
NYSE traded American home selling company (5)
Canadian utility company that provides services to commercial clients and homeowners in Alberta (5)
Long-lived American premium cable network specializing in theatrical releases formed in 1980 (7)
Usually disappointing comedown or disillusionment (10)
East Asian species of legume (7 3)