Scarlet's Password

Scarlet can't remember the password to her personal Huntinality account, but left herself a password reminder. Can you tell her what her password is? (Read the story here)

The Black Eyed Peas bemoan the lack of this in their hit song "Where is the Love?"

"Jinxed Royal Association"

scarlets pwd imagescarlets pwd image

(See puzzle for images)

A pot I, Al, result when you bat in baseball in which you lose your chance at a ruach such occurrence.

3, 6, 9, 12...

Death, among the tarot cards:
  • Has a position which is divisible by 2, in the list of major arcana tarot cards sorted by number (where The Fool is position 0)
  • Is associated with a male confidant in Persona 5
  • Names an item that can damage enemies in The Binding of Isaac
  • Is also the name of a type of celestial object
  • Has a one-word name

Don't forget to compare its truths with position.


Metameta puzzles are so named because they were invented by someone named Metam Eta. Metameta puzzles are usually found at the very beginning of a hunt so that people will get stuck and avoid doing puzzles altogether. If I were extremely good at metametas, I might be able to win puzzlehunts, much like how Mean Sink was able to win Eurovision in 2021. Sometimes, metameta puzzles are runaround style, meaning that they involve running in circles until the hunt organizers are sufficiently entertained.

Scarlet: when you've got the password type it here... and hurry up, ok?Scarlet: you can check with me however much you want, just not too fast, ok?